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    As a medium-sized transport and logistics service provider, Profanter has its roots in South Tyrol, but operates internationally. We have provided logistics solutions for our customers for 30 years. We focus on quality and reliability and offer our customers a wide range of freight and logistics services. Working as partners and personal contact with customers are very important to us.

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  • History

    Profanter was founded in 1985. Our first vehicle was mainly used to supply our own general store. In 1987 we opened our first office and employed our first members of staff in Pfunders. In 1991, Profanter acquired a building in Vintl and moved to the new premises a year later. Over the years, we have expanded our fleet and the range of services we offer. In particular, we have built up unique competence in the field of ​​special transport services. Profanter increasingly provides services not only for local, but also international customers, all of whom appreciate our methods and workflow.

  • Our services

    Special transport

    Extra-height, extra-width and in particular extra-length trailers up to 33 metres

    National and international trailer transport

    Partial loads and full loads transport for all categories

    Warehousing & logistics

    Temporary warehousing and project logistics

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    National and international trailer transport

    We transport your goods national and international. Using different trailers we transport any amount of different products/goods full loads and partial loads. We export South Tyrolean products, import foreign goods and provide transport and freight services both within Italy and on an international basis. Our know how and many years of experience ensure that your goods arrive safely wherever they are needed. Our customers are in the food, industrial, trade sectors and other sectors. We hold permits for cross-border waste transportation.

  • Special transport

    We have established ourselves as a regional leader in the field of special transport - and in particular, extra-length transport. Our fleet includes a wide range of special vehicles, such as flatbed and telescopic trailers. We provide special transport for extra-long, extra-wide, extra-heavy and extra-high goods. Using our special vehicles we can load components, machine parts, etc. up to a length of 48 meters. We provide you with support from assessing technical feasibility to realising the project. We conduct on-site inspections, route checks and handle all the official transport permits for you. We also provide escort vehicles. Our drivers' many years of experience guarantee precision performance and the success of your projects - whether they are here in South Tyrol or anywhere else in the world.


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    Warehousing & logistics

    We have recognised that in addition to traditional transport services a number of our customers often face other logistical challenges, which we are happy to solve. As a medium-sized company we adapt flexibly to the needs of our clientèle and have developed special logistics solutions with some of our customers. We provide temporary warehousing for goods, thereby creating a link between our customers and the consignee. Our trained drivers complete elements of our customers' workflow as part of the goods delivery.

  • Our vehicles


    40 towing vehicles with sustainable emission standard certification and 60 articulated trailers with state-of-the-art safety technology are at your disposal. In addition to curtainside and refrigerated trailers, we provide vehicles for special transport, such as flatbed, extendible and steerable trailers with different equipment. State-of-the-art, IT-supported dispatching technologies allow optimum transport organisation and management, which guarantees adherence to delivery deadlines. Our fleet receives professional and rigorous maintenance at our in-house workshop. Our staff are always ready to conduct all the necessary checks to make sure that every journey we make is efficient and safe for both personnel and goods.

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    Profanter Manfred GmbH

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    Phone: +39 0472 976500
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    E-mail: info@profanter-transporte.it

    Disposition for trailers
    Unterhuber Helmut
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